A staggering volume of edible food goes uneaten as it goes from field to pallet to fridge to plate. In the UK it’s estimated around 3.3 million tonnes goes to waste on farms annually.

If you're keen to understand why food waste occurs and what can be done to prevent it from happening, we suggest reading our short document Common Causes of Farm Level Food Waste and check out the Gleaning Handbook.

Further Reading

  • WWF's reports Hidden Waste (2022) and Driven to Waste (2021)
  • The Commmittee on Climate Change's report on Land Use: Policies for a Net Zero UK (2020)
  • WRAP's report on Food Waste in Primary Production in the UK (2019)
  • The Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ report Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not (2013) detailing the scale of food waste globally.
  • UN Food & Agriculture Organisation publication on Food Waste Footprint & Climate Change (2011).

Check out these other organisations doing great work on food waste

  • Brighton & Hove Food Partnership's Surplus Food Network
  • WRAP
  • OLIO
  • This is Rubbish
  • Espigoladors (Barcelona)
  • Association of Gleaning Organisations (USA)