Grower FAQs

Have a crop you don’t intend to harvest? Then we’d be happy to hear from you!

Where will the crop go?

We donate the gleaned crop (usually on the same day it’s picked) to partner redistribution charities such as FareShare Sussex, UK Harvest and the Felix Project, who in turn will deliver it to the community food sector.

How many people will come to my farm?

The number of volunteers we recruit for each gleaning day is determined by the size of the surplus crop available and a safe ratio of trained staff to supervise. Numbers are also determined by facilities such as parking and toilets.

I have a surplus crop that’s already harvested, what should I do?

If you have already picked the crop that you are unable to sell, then you could book a collection directly with FareShare, UK Harvest or the Felix Project. We’d be happy to make an introduction, if that’d help.

What about my soil health?

It’s true that crop residues build soil fertility. We hope that your crop rotation would account for the soil nutrient losses from harvesting taking place, however you are better placed to make that judgement.

What if there is an accident on my farm?

The safety of volunteers is an essential part of a successful gleaning day and we work with host farmers to ensure everybody’s wellbeing. For each glean we undertake a risk assessment and we ask host farmers to share their own risk assessment in advance of the day too. We supervise gleaning with trained gleaning coordinators and have public liability insurance in case of accidents for which we are liable.